- Ultimate Greens are a raw superfood.

- Ultimate Greens are gluten free.

- Greater concentration of superfoods per serving than other green drinks.

- Formulated with love and appreciation for the plants, planet and those who drink this product.

- Empowered Herbals has been keeping health conscious customers happy since 1994.

- Endorsed by Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist, Author, Director of Sage Mountain Herbal Center, and Founder of United Plant Savers (UpS). click here to view endorsement

Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
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    Rachael Jean Harper, CH, NTP

Rachael Jean Harper
Throughout her childhood, Rachael Jean watched as her French Canadian mother used effective folk cures from the old country. This early introduction developed in her a deep love for nature and a reverence for the healing potentials of traditional herbal medicines and whole foods as they are created in nature.

She is a Sage Mountain Herbal Center graduate of the Science and Art of Herbalism, an intensive course created and taught by renowned herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar. She has also completed her apprenticeship, advanced apprenticeship, teacher training, and internship at the center. She studied clinical herbalism with Terriona Low Dog MD, AHG, and received her certification in Foundations in Herbal Medicines. 

Rachael Jean is a member in good standing with the Nutritional Therapy Association. As a practicing clinical herbalist and holistic nutritional therapist, she uses a scientific method of neural-lingual testing to determine imbalances in the body;  and foods, herbal medicines, and supplements to correct it. LNT is a process in which the brain recognizes the taste of a nutrient that corresponds to an organ, or system that needs healing, and by reporting diminished sensitivity on the appropriate reflex points, the client lets the practitioner know that the nutrient is the one needed to correct the imbalance.

She is the owner of Empowered Herbals, www.empoweredherbals.com and formulator of the award winning Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink, handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. It is made from the finest ingredients available.

She teaches The Science and Art of Herbology Apprenticeship Program, with her husband Ken, in their secluded Herbal Retreat and Educational Center, in beautiful Quilcene, Washington.

As a practicing clinical herbalist, holistic nutritional therapist, and teacher, Rachael Jean empowers others with the knowledge to gather and prepare traditional medicines and delicious whole foods, such as our ancestors did, for the health and longevity of our present and future generations. She lives with her husband Ken, their dog Jolie Fleur and cats Marcella and James on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula's Dabob Bay in Western Washington State.