- Ultimate Greens are a raw superfood.

- Ultimate Greens are grain free.

- Greater concentration of superfoods per serving than other green drinks.

- Empowered Herbals LLC has been keeping health conscious customers happy since 1994.

- Endorsed by Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist, Author, Director of Sage Mountain Herbal Center, and Founder of United Plant Savers (UpS).
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Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
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Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink Ingredients

Ultimate Greens are a RAW/Gluten and Grain Free Premium Survivial Food. Greater concentration of superfoods per serving than other green drinks. Formulated with love and appreciation for the plants, planet and those who drink this product. Each batch is packaged in conservative containers. This earth friendly method means savings are passed on to the consumer, and containers are not passed on to the landfills. more information about...

Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink Ingredients
The soil in which we grow our foods is sadly depleted of essential minerals, leading to a world-wide craving for foods containing the vitamins and minerals our bodies need for optimal health. Rachael Jean has found a way to bring those nutrients to us via her Ultimate Green Drink, blending together the perfect variety of green foods in balance.

Organic Spirulina is the original green superfood, an easily produced algae with the ability to grow in both ocean and alkaline waters. It is ecologically sound in that it can be cultivated in extreme environments which are useless for conventional agriculture. Research has shown that spirulina alone could double the protein available to humanity on a fraction of the world's land, while helping restore the environmental balance of the planet. Acre for acre, spirulina yields 20 times more protein than soybeans and 40 times more protein than corn. It is a complete protein, providing all 21 amino acids, and the entire B complex of vitamins, including B12. It is rich in beta carotene, minerals, trace minerals, and essential fatty acids. Digestibility is high, stimulating both immediate and long range energy.

Organic Nettle Leaf is a vitamin factory, rich in iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and chromium, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals. It activates the metabolism by strengthening and toning the entire system. It is useful for growing pains in young children when their bones and joints ache (just like older folks!). An excellent reproductive tonic for men and women, nettle is used for alleviating the symptoms for PMS and menopause. It is a superb herb for the genital-urinary system and will strengthen weak kidneys, essential for vitality and energy. It is indicated for liver problems and is excellent for allergies and hay fever. All this and it tastes good, too!

Chlorella *GWC contains a higher concentration of chlorophyll than any other known plant. It is a complete protein food, with all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E, and many minerals actually high enough to be considered supplementary amounts. The cell wall material of chlorella has a particularly beneficial effect on intestinal and bowel health, detoxifying the colon, stimulating peristaltic activity, and promoting the growth of friendly bacteria. Chlorella is effective in eliminating heavy metals, like lead, mercury, copper and cadmium. Anti-tumor research shows it is an important source of beta carotene in healing. It strengthens the liver, the body's major detoxifying organ, so that it can rid the body of infective agents that destroy immune defenses. It reduces arthritis stiffness, lowers blood pressure, relieves gastritis and ulcers. Its rich nutritional content has made it effective in weight loss programs, both for cleansing ability, and to maintain muscle tone during lower food intake. But its most important benefits come from a combination of molecules that biochemists call the Controlled Growth Factor, a unique composition that provides a noticeable increase in sustained energy and immune health. The list of chlorella benefits is long and almost miraculous, from detoxification to energy enhancement, to immune system restoration.

Organic Beet Root is an excellent source of magnesium, an essential enzyme; potassium, an important mineral for a healthy nervous system; and folate, which strengthens immunity. It boosts the bodies nitric oxide levels for healthy circulation and blood pressure. Beet root also has beneficial action on the gallbladder, liver and lymphatic functions.

Organic Barley grass and juice has a wide range of concentrated vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyllins, eleven times the calcium of cow's milk, five times the iron of spinach, and seven times the amount of vitamin C and bioflavonoids as orange juice. One of its most important contributions to a vegetarian diet is 80mcg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams of powdered juice. Research on barley grass shows encouraging results for DNA damage repair and delaying aging. Barley juice powder contains anti-viral properties, and neutralizes heavy metals like mercury. It is an ideal food-source anti-inflammatory for healing gastrointestinal ulcers, hemorrhoids, and pancreas infections. According to Dr. Kubota of the Tokyo Pharmacy Science University, "barley grass is an ideal anti-inflammatory medication, with effects measurably stronger than steroid and non-steroid drugs."

Organic Wheat grass and juice helps cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract, and is recommended as a way to stimulate metabolism and enzyme activity. Wheat grass also normalizes the thyroid gland, which may be helpful in correcting obesity problems. Fifteen pounds of fresh wheatgrass has the nutritional value of 350 pounds of vegetables. As with all the green grasses, the primary benefit of wheat grass is its chlorophyll content. Its ability to provide protection from carcinogens comes from chlorophyll's ability to strengthen cells, detoxify the liver and blood, and chemically neutralize pollutants. Chlorophyll helps humans, as it does plants, to resist harm from the destructive effects of air pollution, x-rays and radiation, and especially from carbon monoxide in vehicle emissions. Wheat grass has beneficial external effects as well. Its ointment has been used to successfully treat such disorders as skin ulcers, impetigo and itching.

Organic Alfalfa is one of the world's richest mineral-source foods, pulling up earth minerals from root depths as great as 130 feet! A green superfood, it is an excellent source for liquid chlorophyll, with a balance of organic chemical and mineral constituents almost identical to human hemoglobin. Alfalfa is a body cleanser, infection fighter and a natural deodorizer, not only because of its chlorophyll content, but also because it's a rich source of fiber. It is a good spring tonic, eliminates retained water, and relieves urinary and bowel problems. It is a restorative, helping to treat recuperative cases of narcotic and alcohol addiction. It is used therapeutically for arthritis, intestinal and skin disorders, liver problems, breath and body odor. Today, herbalists use alfalfa to encourage normal blood-clotting because of its high content of vitamin K. It is also used to treat bladder infections, all colon disorders, anemia, hemorrhaging, diabetes and most recently as an aid in normalizing
estrogen production.

Apple Fiber *GWC is an excellent source of insoluble fiber that helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. It is also good for removing toxic metals from the body and helps in lowering cholesterol. Because the refining process has removed much of the natural fiber from our foods, the typical diet is sadly lacking in fiber.

Inulin (Organic Jerusalem Artichoke) Inulin is a natural pre-biotic soluble fiber derived from the Jerusalem Artichoke root. It contains numerous health benefits, such as immune system support. It helps to feed and balance good bacteria and control bad bacteria in the digestive system. Enhances absorption of vitamins. Anti-fungal properties may help prevent yeast infections and speed recovery.

L. Acidophilus & L. Bulgaricus *GWC – commonly used in yogurt production, this beneficial bacteria thrives in the gastrointestinal tract; produce their own antibiotics that help neutralize toxins and kill harmful bacteria. Beneficial in relieving IBS symptoms and diarrhea.

L. Rhamnosus & L. Casei *GWC – used in food, dairy and cheese production, this beneficial bacteria is stable in stomach acids of the gastrointestinal tract. Beneficial for anti-viral immunity, respiratory tract infections and reducing flatulent gas and diarrhea.

L. Plantarum *GWC – Used to ferment foods and make cheese, this beneficial bacteria is stable in stomach acids of the gastrointestinal tract. Offers great anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits.

B. Coagulans (formerly L. sporogenes) *GWC – Spores activate in stomach acids, then begin to germinate and proliferate in the intestines. Improves vaginal flora, abdominal pain, IBS bloating and immune response in viral challenges.

B. Bifidum & B. Breve *GWC – One of the major genera of bacteria that make up the lower digestive tract flora. Assists in the fermentation of Mother's milk, discouraging the growth of Gram-negative pathogens in infants. One of the major genera of bacteria that make up the lower digestive tract microbiome. May exert a range of beneficial health effects including inhibiting pathogens and harmful bacteria.

• GWC (grown without chemicals)

Green Superfoods & Chlorella

About Chlorophyll It is the most therapeutic ingredient of the green grasses, and indeed all the super green foods. Chlorophyll is the pigment the plants use to carry out the process of photosynthesis. It absorbs the light energy from the sun, and converts it into earth and plant energy. The energy is transferred into our cells and blood when we consume live, fresh greens. Chlorophyll is in all fresh green plants, but it is particularly rich in the green and blue-green algae, wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa. Chlorophyll is the basic component of the "blood" of plants. The chlorophyll molecule is remarkably similar to human hemoglobin in composition, except that it carries magnesium in its center instead of iron. Consuming chlorophyll-rich foods helps the body to build red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every cell. In essence, eating any of the green superfoods is almost like giving yourself a little transfusion to help treat illness, enhance immunity and sustain wellbeing. They have a synergistic effect when added to a normal diet. The green superfoods are valuable in almost all of the healing diets. Chlorophyll is recommended for anemia fatigue and for a calming activity on the nervous system. It is
helpful in insomnia, exhaustion and nervous irritability. It is used beneficially for skin ulcers, and helps in coping with deep infections, skin disorders, and dental problems, such as pyorrhea. Because of its detoxifying and anti-bacterial qualities, chlorophyll has proven to be a valuable remedy in the treatment of colds, rhinitis, inner-ear infections and inflammation. Chlorophyll is a primary aid for the detoxification of organs, particularly the liver. It helps to neutralize and remove drug deposits from the body, purify the blood and counteract acids and toxins in the system. Even the medical community is seeing chlorophyll as a possible means of removing heavy metal buildup, because it can bind with several toxins, including heavy metals, and help eliminate them. Chlorophyll is easily digested, yet it is rich in vitamin K, which is necessary for normal blood clotting. It is used by naturopathic physicians for women with heavy menstrual bleeding as well as for anemia. Vitamin K also helps form a compound in the urine that inhibits growth of calcium oxalate crystals (common kidney stones), so chlorophyll may help with this very painful condition. A U.S. Army study revealed that a chlorophyll-rich diet doubled the life span of animals exposed to lethal radiation, and chlorophyll is now being considered (since the days of Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome) as a protective compound against some chemical warfare weapons.
Excerpted from "Natural Healing" by Linda Rector-Paige, N.D., PhD.


* Empowered Herbals LLC makes no claims and is not liable for any adverse effects resulting thru the use of this product. If you have any medical conditions, please consult with your health care provider.