- Ultimate Greens are a raw superfood.

- Ultimate Greens are grain free.

- Greater concentration of superfoods per serving than other green drinks.

- Empowered Herbals LLC has been keeping health conscious customers happy since 1994.

- Endorsed by Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist, Author, Director of Sage Mountain Herbal Center, and Founder of United Plant Savers (UpS). click here to view endorsement

Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
Green Drink Empowered Herbals
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happy spring rachael jean!  thank you so much for creating such a fabulous mix!  everyone at work is so excited about trying your green drink. now everyone will have an extra kick in their step!!!  thank you! 

 becca knouss                                                      

Dear Rachael Jean,
I want to say thank you so very much for your greens. I wrote you a few months ago when I first started taking them, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your greens, and I have to thank you again. My energetic vibration has gotten so big, and my life has actually changed. I know its because of your greens! So, thank you. May you have many blessings in your life!

Karen Mohler 
p.s. most of my friends are now on your greens!     

Rachael Jean-s Ultimate Green Drink TestimonialI was introduced to Rachael Jeans Ultimate Green Drink about 1 and 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant for my daughter.  I was immediately addicted to it!!  I cannot go a day without my green drink.  While pregnant I noticed it kept my energy up and I wasn't so lethargic. It also helped with the pregnancy side effect of heartburn I was suffering from. It kept me and my baby nourished. Once Sarah arrived into the world at a whopping 8lbs 7 oz, I continued to take the green drink and she enjoyed the benefits of it through my breastmilk.  Now Sarah is 8 months old and still breastfeeding, but also enjoys a little of her own green drink in her sippy cup. She is very healthy and ahead for her age.  I can't help but give some of the credit to the green drink!  We will both continue to enjoy this wonderful drink full of integrity, vitality, and wonderful nourishing energy.

Jessica & Sarah Strange

Dear Ms. Harper,
I am writing to you to thank you so very much for creating/making your super green drink! As a personal trainer, yoga instructor, reflexologist, etc. I work my body very hard. But I also take good care of myself. Still, I always feel like something is missing in my diet, like food doesn't give my body enough "something". My friend Jessica Strange turned me on to your green drink, and now my entire BEING feels different! I am SO grateful for your green drink! My energetic vibration is up so high, food that I was eating that I thought was good for me, now tastes a little funky, and to me that is an indication that maybe there is something in that food that doesn't belong (pesticides, negative energy, violence, etc.). Every day, as I drink my greens, I say "Thank you Rachael Jean". You have changed my life. You have found your purpose on this planet, and for that I am grateful!

Karen Mohler

As an acupuncturist, I have been taking and recommending green drinks for the last 15 years. Recently, I began taking Rachael's green drink. My body, mind and spirit responded so quickly to the amazing vitality inherent in Rachael's nutrient rich blend.  The beautiful energy from the green drink becomes part of  my being----with a resulting mixture of greater energy, groundedness, and lightness of spirit. Numerous physical benefits as well !!  I highly recommend it

Donna Nolan, RN Lic.AC.

Using Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink energizes, purifies and restores the body. I particularly appreciate the greater concentration of greens per serving than other green drinks.The taste is naturally pleasant without flavor boosters. I use and recommend it daily.

Marlene Dietrich

Rachael's green drink is by far the most superior green drink supplement available with each ingredient meticulously chosen for potency and nutrition, mixed in small batches. This is a beautiful green drink.

Terri Fields

Thanks so much for remembering to bring me more green drink this past weekend. One should never be without it. It has helped me so much in many ways. In addition to giving me energy it has helped with my indigestion problem, and I find that I am not so dependent on Rolaids as I have been in the past. I have also noticed that my fingernails have become less brittle and that my hair is growing faster. I believe that the green drink has something to do with that.

Thanks for being a wonderful daughter-in-law.
Love, Mimi

How are you? Me? Good. I just wanted to thank you for always giving me your green drink. It has helped me in more ways that you can imagine! My system feels clean and I feel energized. Study time has become easier and more beneficial as my mind is clear and my energy is free. Thank you again and know that I love you.

Your daughter
Bonnie Anne Harper

I have taken several green drinks through the years and what I remember most about them is their unpleasant taste. When I first tried Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink, I was very surprised by its pleasant taste. After a short time of use I noticed extra energy and also great improvement to my digestion as well as my overall health. I have recommended Rachael Jean's green drink to several friends and have had calls from them thanking me for introducing them to this great elixir of life.

Bonnie Anthony

I have talked with several people about green drinks and everyone seems to think it might be good for what ails them. I have a reunion coming up this summer from my old hippie days, and I would love to lose a little weight. Actually I would like to lose about 20 - 25 lb., but realistically 10 - 12 would be great. I have been thinking of a spring time fast, but, I have never fasted before. The problem is in the old days hippie was a way of life ~ and now it's a physical poundage ~ Yikes!! Hope things are going well for you and am looking forward to the next time I see you. Love and green blessings


I initially bought Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink for my 14 year old son who was trying out for the school track team. We chose this green drink over those chocolate protein drinks and we are so glad we did. After about 10 days, my son noticed that he wasn't tired during his morning classes like the other kids. Upon hearing this, I decided to take the green drink, also. I have been taking this green drink for months now, and I love it. It only took about 12 days for me to notice a difference in my energy level and general well being. It is great fuel for the body.

Marla Crabtree

I have had excellent results with Rachael Jean Harper's green Drink. I had chronic constipation, adhesions from operations, and diverticulites. My overall health was affected, and I was tired always. Since taking the green drink I have had no digestive problems, have more energy and feel more myself. I strongly recommend this drink. I rely on it. It is wonderful.

S. W.

I have always had a "touchy" digestive system -- diarrhea often. Rachael Jean's Green Drink has sweetened and provided a pathway for healing. I am eternally grateful for all the good things it is doing to me. Rachael Jean is truly guided in her labor of love with herbs.

Mary Chase

"During the darkest time of my life when I was too sick to eat and was unable to hold solid food down, I survived on Rachael Jean's Green Drink. I know it was the green drink that kept me alive and carried my through my most challenging of times. Now that I have my health back I continue enjoying green drinks every day. It keeps my intestinal flora healthy and it keeps my yoni happy and sweet!"


This letter is addressed to anyone who may be interested in Rachael Jean's Super Green Drink. My name is Helen and I am an amateur herbalist. I have not taken any courses. Just recently, at the age of 34, I had my third child. I met Rachael Jean a few years ago at the Natural Food Store she was working at. We fast became friends. In March 1998 when I found out I was pregnant, I went to Rachael to discuss natural, prenatal vitamins. After choosing one, I talked with her about my age. Being over 30 I was understandably nervous. Rachael then suggested that I try her Ultimate Green Drink, which of course I jumped at. I took the vitamins along with the green drink for one month. I was out of vitamins and was only taking the green drink for about 2 weeks prior to an appointment with my mid wives. My blood work came back so good that I did not get any more vitamins. My mid wives complimented me at every appointment on my health and my weight gain, not to much or too little. My pregnancy should have been a wonderfully exciting time for us, However in the course of that nine months, we lost 4 relatives. My 41 year old sister in law was one of them. I spent 3 months nursing her until she finally lost her battle with lung cancer. Through all of this stress the one consistency was taking Rachael's Green Drink. There is no doubt in my mind that the balancing herbs helped keep my personal stress level in check. After our baby girl Marie Tiar was born I breast feed her and continued with my Green Drink. According to Marie's Pediatrician, she was a picture of health weighing in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. 20 1/4" long. At her one month check up the Dr. said that developmentally she was on a 3 month level. She was making, and holding eye contact, responding to her name, and holding her head up without wobbling. Marie is now 8 months old, crawling, and starting to walk. She has the most pleasant disposition any one could ever hope for from a baby. She says DaDa, Mama, bye-bye and hi dare. We recently started giving her, her own green drink. She loves it. I can't seem to say it enough. Thank-you Rachael Jean.

Helen Soloman

As a Nutritional Consultant, I see many patients who are tired and exhausted. Often they are nutritionally depleted and their main fuel is coffee. With lifestyle and nutritional changes they begin to experience a better quality of well being. Rachael Jean Harper's "Green Drink" is a well balanced and easily digested nutritious adjunct to a nutrition program. I highly recommend it.

Judith Dreyer, MS, Nutritional Consultant / Herbalist


I began using Rachael Jean's Ultimate Green Drink when my hair had "stopped growing" two years ago. I began using her formula daily mixed in a Master Cleanse solution I use. With in several months I could tell, as well as friends and clients, the formula impacted not only the growth of my hair, but the vitality and body as well. I recommend Rachael's formula to some of my clients, some in conjunction with Plant Spirit Treatments. They report "increased energy -- and generally feeling better." Thank you Rachael for adding a morning energizer, without caffeine, to begin a positive and full day.With sincere appreciation to the plants.

Gail Gross, Plant Spirit Practitioner, Herbalist

* Empowered Herbals LLC makes no claims and is not liable for any adverse effects resulting thru the use of this product. If you have any medical conditions, please consult with your health care provider.

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